We are Europeans!

We are European Citizens!

This project is about understanding what it means and what it implies. This project is for teachers, parents and educators who want to be more involved in European Citizenship. This three year project has been carried out by 24 organisations from 12 Member States.

In the project all partners worked together in developing material for training programs for teachers and for those involved in school management. With this material training courses were organised, first for teacher trainers and then a series of courses for teachers, and a series of courses for school stakeholders.

June 10, 2017 was the final dissemination conference of the project in Budapest. More about this conference under News.

We want the material and the experience developed in this project to be available for other users. We therefore present this material and some analysis and evaluation at the following pages. The material has been ordered as follows:

Course programs (day by day)
Course manuals (with the most important didactic elements)

Material for course elements
Evaluation and resulting (scientific) information
Dissemination products

All this material can be found on this site under Course material.

In Budapest the Final Dissemination conference of the project was organised. Report of this successful conference is found under News.

Although the project financing has ended, three more training courses are planned in spring 2018. These are one week training courses for teachers and those involved in school management. These courses are eligible to ERASMUS+ KA1 mobility grants and can be found at


9-14 April 2018 - Strasbourg (France)
Being an articulate and active European Citizen


9-14 April 2018 - The Hague (Netherlands)
How to get young people involved in European matters

Contact: info@aede.nl

7-11 May 2018 - Maribor (Slovenia)
From rural living Lab to EU Citizenship

contact: olga.pregl@siol.net